Care Tips for your Leather Piece

Care Tips for your Leather Piece

SHISAKO designs pieces that are versatile and functional because an animal sacrificed its life for the leather we make into wearable pieces. It is important that our pieces are not wasted and worn only a few times. 

All leather will evolve in appearance over time with use and external environmental conditions. Even though the animal skin is made into a leather hide it still needs to breathe and hydrate.

If your leather does get dry (thirsty) it will want to take in everything to try and get moisture. This includes dirt clogging the pores. 

Leather needs to breathe.

It’s not just to be cleaned when you see some dirt on it but it needs regular hydration, and even a wax protectant before first use.

Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to protect your bag by waterproofing it. This could be beneficial if you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation or for extra protection.

We wanted leather products that were natural and healthy for the leather and the earth.

After research, we found Otter Wax, a local business just over the border from us, in Washington that makes natural care products.

Here are the care products and some tips on when to use them. If you only get one care product a leather wax is good to start with.

Before 1st use of a new leather piece

Boot (Leather) Wax: is a waterproofing wax that can be used on shoes and bags.

After use

Leather Salve: is a conditioner that hydrates. It will darken the leather colour but over time will lighten up.

After lots of use

Saddle Soap: is a cleaner that removes all the dirt and debris before applying any other products listed below if the product has been used for a while.

Leather Oil: is a conditioner that hydrates while bringing back a beautiful vibrant shine.

For peace of mind, we have tested the products on our collection of bags and shoes. However, if you would like to use the Otter products on other leather pieces then do a test beforehand. 

Otter Wax products are available on our online store for shipments made within Canada. If you live outside Canada we recommend you purchase directly from Otter Wax to avoid double duty charge, as we paid duty already.

With the purchase of a SHISAKO leather piece, we offer a discount on all leather care products. A 15% discount will be automatically added in the cart to get you started on caring for your leather. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at and we would love to help.

Measure for Fit

It's important to have the right measurement based on where you would like to wear the belt bag. 


To measure your natural waist:

To measure your low waist:

Once you have both measurements then see lengths available of belts on product page.

If you have questions with the fit please email us or book a virtual stye & fit session.