What Type of Leather Do We Use?

What Type of Leather Do We Use?

Due to its firm commitment to ethical sustainability,  SHISAKO is patient in completing each of its collections

One aspect of implementing sustainability practices is by using leather. Leather is a material that is natural and long wearing.

The leather source is important too. The leather must be a by-product of the community’s diet. 

Understanding the culture and diet of where our products are created was researched before making the decision on a leather source.

The leather in our first collection is a soft and luxurious Napa leather.

What is Napa Leather? 

Napa leather is typically made from cattle or sheep, depending on the manufacturer. 

Shisako products are made with sheep leather.

A  book written in 1873 claimed the pioneers who came to the area in the mid-1800s insisted the word Napa meant “fish” in the language of the local Wappo who lived along the river. This area today is known as Napa County.

Napa leather was developed in the late 1800s by a man named Emanuel Manasse who moved to Napa, California from Germany.

Napa leather is delicate compared to other leathers and was first used for making gloves as it was a flexible leather to work with. However, the leather is still durable and is used in fashion, furniture, and even the interior of vehicles. 

The production of Napa leather is time-consuming, making it more expensive than other types of leather.

Our Napa leather is also vegetable-tanned, using properties found in nature, which transform the raw animal hide into a usable and wearable material.

All of our bags and heels are made using vegetable tanned Napa leather. 

Napa leather is recognizable by its extremely soft texture, and is also known as the ‘buttery soft’ leather. 

The leather looks and feels beautiful but can be sensitive to sunlight, scratches and stains like any natural material.

Caring for the leather will help it last longer. When wearing a bag, it is good to avoid excessive heat and light so discolouration does not occur. It is also important to avoid water exposure as it can affect the leather texture.

As leather is a natural material it is supposed to wear with time and use.  SHISAKO’s pieces are designed to be usable, functional staples that do not just sit in your closet.

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Measure for Fit

It's important to have the right measurement based on where you would like to wear the belt bag. 


To measure your natural waist:

To measure your low waist:

Once you have both measurements then see lengths available of belts on product page.

If you have questions with the fit please email us or book a virtual stye & fit session.