How to Style Your Uluru Bag

How to Style Your Uluru Bag

A key design element with SHISAKO's bags is versatility for any occasion by converting the bag style..

There are 4 different ways the Uluru bag can be worn; belt bag, cross-body, shoulder, and cross-chest bag. 

The instructions for how to use the belt and stud strap included with the bag are below. 

Style 1: Belt Bag

If you would like to wear a belt bag.

Simply feed either the belt (short option) or stud strap (longer option) through the leather loops on the back side of your bag, and adjust it to fit on waist.

For a short belt option use the belt and for a longer belt option use the stud strap.

The stud strap leather ends can be attached to the opposite sides of strap using the stud fasteners.

Be sure not to feed the adjuster through the back of your bag loops.  The adjuster is too wide to fit through loops and can damage thread if forced through over time.

Style 2: Cross-body Bag

The second way to style your bag is by wearing it as a classic cross-body.

For this style, you will need to use the stud strap to attach each end to the hardware at the top of your bag. On opposite sides of the zipper, there are two rings that you can feed the leather part of the strap through and attach to the stud to close onto the ring.

Once you have completed this step adjust the strap of your bag to your preferred length. 

Style 3: Shoulder Bag

The third way you can style your bag is by wearing it over the shoulder. 

To style your bag this way, follow the same steps in Style 2 and adjust the strap so it is short and secure. 

Style 4: Cross-Chest Bag

The final way to style your bag is cross-chest you will need to use the longer stud strap. 

Feed the stud strap through the back of your bag, overlap the two leather ends, and fasten the leather holes to the opposite side studs. 

Place the bag over your head so it sits diagonally on your chest, and adjust the length accordingly. 


We hope you enjoy your Uluru bag and it helps make life easier when needing that perfect size bag for all occasions.


Measure for Fit

It's important to have the right measurement based on where you would like to wear the belt bag. 


To measure your natural waist:

To measure your low waist:

Once you have both measurements then see lengths available of belts on product page.

If you have questions with the fit please email us or book a virtual stye & fit session.