Product Care: Leather & Hardware


Our bags and shoes are made using genuine leather.  Genuine leather will evolve over time in appearance.  Please take time to learn how to care for your SHISAKO bag and shoes so they last a long time for you to enjoy.

Leather needs to breath and has pores that can get clogged over time with dirt and debris.

It also needs to rehydrate every so often to avoid getting dried out. If your leather does get dry or thirsty it will want to take in everything around it to try and get moisture even the dirt. Let’s try to care for our leather so we can use our leather products for a long time.

Also, it’s not just about cleaning and hydrating the’s also potentially waterproofing it if you live in a very wet part of the world or think it would be beneficial for your lifestyle.

At SHISAKO we researched natural products to use on the leather that are non-toxic to you and the environment.

We have found that Otter Wax located in Washington, USA has some of the best products.

Here are some brief descriptions of the all-natural leather care products:

  1. Saddle Soap: is a cleaner to remove all the dirt and debris before applying any of the other products below if product has been used for awhile.
  2. Leather Salve: is a conditioner that hydrates. It will darken the leather colour but overtime will lighten up.
  3. Leather Oil: is a conditioner that hydrates while bringing back a beautiful vibrant shine.
  4. Boot Wax: is a waterproofing wax for footwear but can be used on our bags too.

To get instructions on how to use each of the products please click on the product name above.

Ensure the leather product is treated as instructed and the wait time for drying is followed to avoid excess oils or waxes that can transfer onto clothing.

At SHISAKO we tested our product leathers already. If you would like to use these leather care products on something else you own please do your research on Otter Wax site. They always recommend a test area be done first in a non-visible area. 

If you live in Canada you can purchase directly from us as we paid for the duties already. However, if you live in the USA we recommend you purchase directly from Otter Wax to avoid duties.


The hardware used on the bags and shoes is from Italy where the quality is high to avoid tarnish.

Avoid using chemicals on hardware, either directly or indirectly where hardware could be exposed. Example: hairspray

Use a dry cloth to polish if needed.

The belt clip mechanics is spring based so please press side buttons in before pushing in opposite side and then release to close or lock.

The studs used are use a screw in base.  All have been checked over to ensure they are secured. However with use please check over once a year to tighten if needed with a small screw driver.

Measure for Fit

It's important to have the right measurement based on where you would like to wear the belt bag. 


To measure your natural waist:

To measure your low waist:

Once you have both measurements then see lengths available of belts on product page.

If you have questions with the fit please email us or book a virtual stye & fit session.